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Peachy Charm | Silicone breast lifter petals (A-F Cup size) FREE SHIPPING!
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Looking for the perfect breast lift & strapless bra?? ❤️ 

🌊 Dive into Confidence: Our waterproof sticky bras are here to lift and enhance your breasts, giving you the ultimate boost while you make a splash! 💦

🌟 Instant Lift and Support: Experience the magic of our waterproof sticky bras as they effortlessly lift and shape your breasts, ensuring a natural and beautiful silhouette. ✨

🔒 Stay Secure in Any Situation: Whether you're dancing in the rain or lounging by the pool, our waterproof sticky bras keep everything in place, providing reliable support and peace of mind. 👙

“These really came in handy. You couldn’t even tell I had on a bra. Super easy to put on and very comfortable.”

Kala / 27 years old

Be The Focus of Everyone 
🌸 Invisible Comfort: blend seamlessly with your skin, providing the ultimate comfort & support. 💖
🔥 Feel Confident: Say goodbye to straps and hello to a natural, flawless look. 💃
💫 Versatile Style: From backless dresses to plunging necklines, this your secret weapon for effortless style & elegance. ✨
🌹 Reusable & Reliable: designed to be used again and again, ensuring a reliable & long-lasting solution. ♻️
Look & Feel Amazing
🌈 Freedom to Move: With our sticky bras, you can dance, jump, and move with complete freedom, without worrying about slips or discomfort. 💃
💕 Embrace Your Beauty: Enhance your curves & embrace your natural beauty with our sticky bras, designed to enhance your silhouette flawlessly. 🌟
🎉 Say Yes to Strapless: Step into a world of strapless fashion possibilities with our amazing sticky bras. It's time to break free and embrace your style! 💃

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it sweat proof?

Yes unlike other brands our bra works even when you sweat & won't come off :)
Can I wear this bra with any outfit?
The StrapBra s designed to be worn with a variety of outfits, including strapless, backless, and off-the-shoulder styles. It is also suitable for tight-fitting or sheer clothing.

Will the bra provide enough support?

Yes it provides support & coverage no matter the cup size!

Is it reusable?

Yes, the StrapBra is reusable. With proper care, it can be used multiple times.