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BoomPeachy™ Leggings
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💜 Breathable, ultra stretchy and durable fabric

🍑  Tightens hanging skin on the legs

✨ Flattens the abdomen and lifts the buttocks

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You want to feel confident and sexy? ✨

If you're looking for a legging that not only provides exceptional comfort and performance but also boosts your confidence with its butt-lifting effect. Then BoomPeachy is the perfect solution for you!

🍑 Mega butt-lifting effect, pushes your butt, tightens your legs and hides your problem areas

😜 Whether for sports, for everyday life or in the evening on a girls night out 

💥 Always and everywhere a highlight 

🤩 And a real eye-catcher 

With our BoomPeachy Push Up Leggings, YOU can finally get the figure you want. So YOU can easily feel confident and sexy - every day!

A Confidence-Boosting Legging That Delivers!

💥I am 172 with 72 kg and have ordered this model in L!  The legging fit well and also has a good hold 🦾It's a great confidence boost knowing that I can focus on my workout without any wardrobe mishaps.

Kala / 29 years old

The perfect Leggings for who always wants to look their best🤫

The most comfortable leggings that also conceal cellulite!✨

Cellulite, stretch marks, round hips - our leggings conceal all problem areas and still make you look sexy and confident.

BoomPeachy™ - leggings that put your body in the spotlight!

The fast way to a tight butt! ✨

Dreaming of a plump and round butt? With BoomPeachy™ no problem! With our Push Up Leggings you can instantly push your butt and feel more confident. BoomPeachy™ - for a perfect butt!

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Why Buy Form Us

🍑 Free shipping and free 30 days, no hassle returns for all worldwide orders: It's part of our BoomPeachy 100% satisfaction guarantee (who doesn't love that!?)

😜 Only highest quality material used: Boom Peachy Quality consultants source the finest materials from around the globe that give you years and years of soft comfort

💥 100% satisfaction guarantee: you take no risk with your purchase! Of something is wrong, you can simply send us a message. 

Frequently asked questions

How does the legging boost up the butt?

 The legging features strategically placed padding and contouring to provide a lifted and rounded appearance to the buttocks, giving you a flattering and enhanced look.

Is the legging suitable for gym workouts?

Absolutely! The BoomPeachy is designed with performance in mind. It offers a comfortable and flexible fit, making it ideal for various gym exercises and workouts.

Can I wear the legging for yoga sessions?

 Yes! The legging is versatile and can be worn for yoga sessions. Its stretchy and breathable fabric allows for ease of movement and provides comfort during yoga poses.

What sizes are available for the legging?

The BoomPeachy is available in a range of sizes, catering to different body types and ensuring a proper fit for everyone.

Is the legging squat-proof?

Yes! The legging is designed to be squat-proof, providing you with coverage and confidence during your workout routines.

Can I wear the legging as everyday wear?

Absolutely! The BoomPeachy can be worn not only for workouts but also as fashionable and comfortable everyday wear, allowing you to flaunt your curves wherever you go.

How do I care for the legging?

The legging is machine washable. We recommend following the care instructions provided to maintain the quality and longevity of the product.